Community Exchange

Community Exchange

Do you have skills that you would like to share? Would you like to learn something new?

Join our Community Exchange (also known as a Time Bank) and be part of a growing community of people sharing their skills and time with others. Whatever your passion or expertise, everyone has something to offer.

Through our Community Exchange you can:

  • Choose when and how often you would like to volunteer
  • Offer your time and skills to help others
  • Support family, friends, neighbours and meet new people
  • Bank the hours you volunteer and ask for help in return

How does the Community Exchange work?

1 hour = 1 Time Credit

For every hour you volunteer, you earn one ‘Time Credit’. You can then use this to ask for help in return, or donate it to our ‘Community Pot’ where it will be used to help others in the community.

Everyone’s time is valued equally

You can decide what skills you can offer and everyone’s time is equal. So one hour of your time is equal to one hour of someone else’s time.The

Community Exchange is for everyone

It’s free to become a member of the Community Exchange and it’s open to anyone regardless of ability, skills or situation.

Click here for further information and to sign up today!


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