Looking after your mental health

18 November 2022

With the darker night’s drawing in and temperature dropping, you may be feeling more worried, anxious, frustrated, lonely or bored than normal. However, there are ways to help improve your mental wellbeing during the winter months! We have collated a few helpful tips for feeling brighter in the cold months. 

Create A Routine 

You may find it tempting to crawl into your comfy clothes and shut up shop due to the dark mornings and evenings, but now is the time to schedule in activities which make you feel happy! Establish a routine that puts you on the right foot every day of the week. Make sure you include activities such as cleaning and exercising whilst also scheduling time to connect with loved ones and get outside, this could be by attending an exercise group one evening a week or meeting your friend for a walk on the weekend. 

Connect With Loved One

You might find that you are cutting back on going out with friends or families as the cost-of-living increases, but this does not mean you need to isolate yourself from those you love. Make sure you dedicate time to phoning, video calling or writing to your friends or family. This can make you feel less isolated and may give you the opportunity to talk about any worries you have. 

Look After Your Body 

Your physical and mental wellbeing is linked, so it is important to look after both. Try and incorporate some healthy meals into your diet, remember to drink enough water and also try to exercise during the day. This does not have to involve an expensive gym membership or lots of specific equipment, you can find lots of beginner friendly tutorials on YouTube or download the Couch To 5K app. 

Manage Harmful Habits 

Watching the news 24/7 or refreshing your social media may be making you feel worse, especially as the news can feel negative at times. It may help to limit your news intake and remain conscious of how the media you are consuming makes you feel. You could disable breaking news notifications or stop checking social media as soon as you wake up. 

Be Present 

It is normal to be apprehensive about the future, especially when times are tough, however excessive feelings of anxiety can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Mindfulness activities such as journalling, meditation or yoga can help you identify your feelings and goals and make you feel more relaxed. Try a guided meditation on YouTube or download an app such as Headspace or Calm.

Get Support 

If your mental health is beginning to affect your ability to live your everyday life, it is important that you seek help. Mental Health services are designed to help you, so make sure you reach out. You can contact NHS 111, speak to your GP or access a local mental health charity like Mind.

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