Types of volunteering

Volunteering comes in many forms. We have categorised our volunteering offer into two main types – Formal Volunteering and Informal Volunteering:

Formal Volunteering

This refers to volunteering that takes place regularly for an organisation or group, over a period of time. This type of volunteering is suited to those who are able to commit to a more structured type of volunteering that involves a regular time commitment. Within the realm of formal volunteering there is a wide scope of opportunities from volunteering in an office to hosting tea parties for the elderly; from ringing church bells to fostering a cat!  All our formal volunteer opportunities can be found here.

Informal Volunteering

This refers to volunteering that involves community participation or social action and is carried out more flexibly. It may be a one-off volunteer activity or can occur more than once but on more of an as-and-when basis. Our informal volunteer offer is made up of our Community Exchange whereby people swap skills and earn time credits, and our one-off opportunities  to volunteer for specific events or tasks.

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